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Introduction To

Horizon Hospital

Horizon Hospital is a medium-sized multi-disciplinary hospital located in Johar Town, Lahore. The Hospital is well-equipped and offers a wide range of healthcare facilities. Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.

At Horizon Hospital, you will find nothing less than the best in class when it comes to our experts. We endeavour to provide patients with a healing and friendly environment. Our aim is ethical clinical practice, keeping up with the safety standards for all our patients, and providing up-to-date medical care.

The Hospital has in-patient rooms to cater for all classes. Our theatres are well-built from the infection control point of view. The CSSD is an integral part of the main theatre. The pharmacy, laboratory, ICU, and Emergency operate around the clock.

Horizon Hospital has General Laboratory which is well-equipped for all haematological, biochemical, and bacteriological tests. However, the molecular laboratory provides PCR tests for COVID-19, hepatitis B and C, and more.

Horizon, the best Hospital in Lahore, is still evolving and adding more specialities and facilities. Lahore’s First dedicated Day Surgery Unit (DSU) is the most recent addition.

Why Choose Us

Patients First

We provide tailored and personalised care to our patients.

The right answers

Get the answers and assurance you deserve with accuracy you can trust.

Seamless care

We’re committed to delivering  compassionate healthcare.

Low Surgical Infections

Our surgical site infection rates meet international standards.

At Horizon Hospital

Our Doctors Specialize
in your Ailment

From treating simple diseases to something with rare symptoms or from routine surgical procedures to the most complex.

we have a Specialist for you!

Our Doctors
Welcome The Most
Challenging Cases

Doctors have a big responsibility to bring a smile to the suffering humanity. It is not an easy task without genuine compassion. Our panel of doctors on a multi-disciplinary team accepts complex and complicated surgical cases for treatment.

Though we are a multi-speciality centre, our areas of expertise include Arthroplasty (knee replacement surgery) in Orthopaedics and Cancer Surgery in Urology and General Surgery.

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Collaboration Supports Our Best Breakthroughs

We take full advantage of Horizon Hospital's expertise, ingenuity, and competence by bringing together a diverse group of experts and cultivating a collaborative atmosphere.