Frequently Asked Questions

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About Hospital

We have emergency room that operates 24/7.

Any patient presenting in ER is seen by the duty doctor and in most cases can be seen by the relevant consultant.

If a patient is discharged from ER after being stabilised he is booked an urgent OPD appointment.

OPD appointments for most consultants can be arranged on urgent basis through OPD reception.

Yes, but it is reserved mostly for the patients who are operated in our hospital and need to stay longer for social reasons.

Yes, Executive Medical checkup’s are done at a very competitive price. Information can be obtained at the reception or through our insurance co-ordinator.

You may call 042-35401620-26 and can ask for the accounts department. The accounts officer will address all your bill related queries.

After a new birth the Birth Certificate is given to the parents before they are discharged from the Hospital. However, in case of loss of the certificate a duplicate is required, a nominal fee is charged. The Birth Certificate will be provided within 24 hours.

Primary Care

The term primary care refers to the kind of medical care you need first — before you get sick, before you need to see a specialist, before you need to go to a hospital. As your primary care providers we  will address your essential health needs by:

Focusing on prevention and screening

Working closely with you to plan for your health

Coordinating your tests, treatments, specialist visits and hospitalizations

Providing plain-spoken guidance, insight and advice

Offering cost-effective solutions to better manage medical problems.

Above all, primary care providers offer continuity. In your quest to become and remain as healthy as possible, we are your partners for the long term.

We offer





Internal medicine doctors, otherwise known as internists, focus primarily on adult and elderly patients, and are most comfortable seeing patients age 18 and older. Their training emphasizes the management of chronic, complex, or severe illnesses, particularly for patients who require hospitalization. Although they are proficient in primary care, their specialty training typically does not include obstetrics, gynecology, or pediatrics.

Lab Tests

Yes, we have a very well equipped Pathology lab and perform all tests in house. They also include Covid-19, Hepatitis B& C PCR tests. Our Radiology department includes

  • X Ray
  • Fluoroscopy
  • Ultrasound

Pharmacy provides medicines to in-patients and out-patients 24/7

No appointment is necessary; however, tests must be ordered by your Doctor.

You can simply walk in to the hospital to have our trained on-site staff to draw blood and collect samples for diagnostic tests.

The request can be placed at the lab by calling the number


The lab will WhatsApp the results to you on your given telephone number.

Most lab results are available on line.

Yes, you can obtain a copy of your radiology films


Blood donation is done in the blood bank located in the basement of the Hospital.

Rules For Visitors

Sick patients require peace and quiet surroundings. Attendant / Visitor passes are necessary to restrict the amount of people visiting the sick patient. Also to restrict excessive noise in and around the rooms.

Yes, the information can be obtained at the reception.

Yes, the Cafeteria is located in the basement of the Hospital.

Our patients are present on the 2nd and 4th floors.You may call 042-35401620-26 and ask for the floor. The nurse at the floor counter will update you on the patient’s condition.

ICU / HDU patients do not have phones in their rooms. ICU / HDU nurses will relay information to immediate family members only.


Flowers are allowed in all rooms, except the ICU / HDU.

Gifts are allowed in all units.

Hospitals are a place where there are sick patients. It is therefore advisable to restrain children from visiting hospitals to prevent them from contracting infections. If inevitable then children’s visit to the hospital must not be more than 30 minutes.