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Those patients who are covered under insurance for the treatment have to get approval prior to admission for elective surgery. However, in case of emergency the patients are admitted to the hospital and emergency treatment started. In that case approval is  sought before any procedure performed.

The patient is required to carry his Insurance Card and CNIC and it is the hospital insurance co-ordinator who usually helps in obtaining all insurance approvals.

In case you do not have insurance

In case someone is not covered under any insurance he has to settle his hospital bill personally. An approximate cost of admission and the required procedure is given by the hospital accounts department at the time of admission both for elective and emergency cases. The patients are required to pay in advance a definite proportion of the total bill. The final bill is settled at the time of discharge.

In Case You Still Have Questions

Our hospital was founded on a better model of care – one designed around patients’ needs that provides a higher level of quality and service affordably. Our entire team believes in building trust-based partnerships with our patients. Rather than simply writing a prescription and sending you on your way, your primary care provider (PCP) will collaborate with you as your long-term health care advocate, help you manage your health issues and navigate complex decisions, and empower you with the knowledge and guidance you need to make positive changes. We use diagnostic tests appropriately, wary of the risk of overdiagnosis, and strive to ensure that follow-up plans are clearly understood.

Our hospital can address a wide range of urgent and acute concerns. Because we offer same-day appointment availability for most consultants and 24/7 access to our clinical team through ER we are a great option for urgent needs. If you have a concern after-hours  please call our hospital reception for required information.

If you are admitted to the hospital you can get the information regarding your bills through the accounts department. At the time of discharge the final bill should be cleared before obtaining the patients discharge.

We take the security and confidentiality of your personal information seriously. Our OPD clinics are designed to avoid any interference where the patient can discuss his problems in a comfortable environment. All our medical records are on Hospital based Information system where only the concerned or authorised physician can get an access to these.