Operating Theatres

Modular Operating Theatres

The Hospital has four major modular operating theatres, each with ultraclean laminar airflow and Gerflor® antistatic flooring. One has been dedicated as an arthroplasty theatre for joint replacement surgery with Bioclad® antibacterial wall cladding. We are possibly the only private Hospital with a peripheral “dirty corridor” construction allowing complete sanctity for our sterilized zone within the Operating Theatres. In addition, the handwashing facilities in OR include sensor-operated scrub sinks supplied by a distinct water supply completely separate from the rest of the Hospital through a standalone bacterial filtration system.
Regular bacterial testing of air and surfaces is carried out as per International standards to ensure the best possible clean environment for our surgical patients.

Our State Of The Art Operating Theatres

From receiving patients in the holding Bay till safe discharge from the recovery, our staff is well trained and compassionate to take care of the patient with full responsibility. Patients are received in the Holding Bay, where all safety checks are made. From here, he is transferred to OR for the procedure, where a dedicated staff nurse carries out the “Time Out” to re-check that all safety measures for the surgery are in place. At the completion of the procedure, the patient is looked after in a recovery suite under the care of a recovery nurse and anaesthesia resident. Only after he makes appropriate recovery which is well documented, he is transferred back to the floor.

Infection Control

All theatres have laminar air flow with anti-bacterial walls and dirty corridors for the transport of dirty instruments

24/7 Care

The theatre works regularly during the day but in emergency cases it it has the provision to cater for emergency cases after hours.

For Everyone

Personal care from receiving the patient in holding bay till discharge from the recovery