Dialysis Centre

What is Dialysis and when it is required?

Dialysis is usually required in patients who have end-stage (chronic) kidney disease. The most common causes of kidney damage are Diabetes and Hypertension. It may also be required in Acute Kidney Injury as a temporary measure to support the recovering kidney. In hemodialysis, blood is cleaned of the metabolic end-products that accumulate in the body due to non-functioning kidneys. For dialysis, good vascular access is required, and in patients who require it on a regular basis, communication between the artery and vein of the upper limb is created, which is called an arterio-venous fistula. 

How does the dialyzer clean the blood?

In haemodialysis, blood and dialyzer fluid are separated by a thin membrane through which waste products like urea and creatinine can pass through but blood cells, proteins and other important things remain in the blood.

How long will each hemodialysis treatment last?

In chronic renal failure patients dialysis is usually required on alternate days or after two days. Each session lasts for approximately four hours. If dialysis is done for shorter intervals than it has to be done more frequently. If the dialysis is done at appropriate intervals, it improves the overall health of the patients.

Is Dialysis Comfortable

Stay comfortable on dialysis. If one experience symptoms like cramps, headaches, nausea, or dizziness during dialysis, please consult your doctor or dialysis nurse that if certain adjustments in the dialysis process can alleviate the symptoms like:
Slowing down fluid removal, which could increase the dialysis time.
Checking on the dose and timing of blood pressure medications.
Adjusting dry weight or target weight.
Lowering the temperature of the dialysate a little.

Dialysis Centre in Horizon Hospital

We have a dedicated dialysis unit which work under the supervision of Consultant Nephrologist. At present we are working in two busy shifts during the day.

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