Dr. Afzal Bashir Bajwa


About me

Dr Afzaal Bashir Bajwa graduated from King Edward Medical College. He specialized in Plastic Surgery and got FCPS in Plastic Surgery & MS in Plastic Surgery, He was also awarded FACS by the American College of Surgeons USA.

He has extended international experience in aesthetic surgery worked in Emory University Atlanta and Klinikum Bremen Germany. In 2015, Dr Afzaal was awarded SESPRS scholarship in the USA. Realizing the importance of nutrition in clinical scenarios, he did his MPhil in Burn and Health Nutrition. He also worked on the prevention of diseases and was awarded degree of MPhil Public Health. Many international and national research papers are in his name with high awards including Best Presentation Award from Las Vegas in the field of stem cell therapy. Proving his skills.

Dr Afzaal has operated on many milestone cases in the field of plastic surgery. He has invented 10 instruments patent with IPO and USPTO. He is the author of two books, MCAT and Principles of Surgery.


FCPS Plastic Surgery MS Plastic Surgery


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