Laboratory & Blood Bank

Horizon Hospital Laboratory provides accurate and timely results to make treatment decisions.

to increase the access of Pakistani people to the latest internationally-acclaimed diagnostic techniques available today.

menus performed on our latest equipment.

well trained technologists. Our staff is trained to treat all our clients respectfully and courteously and every effort is made

to provide reports easily through SMS, Email, and WhatsApp.

Horizon laboratory has the facility to perform haematological, routine chemistry, special chemistry and microbiology tests. The laboratory also provides histopathology services.

Laboratory tests play a critical role in the detection, diagnosis and treatment of diseases in patients. The advanced role is to lead the patients towards their health management. Laboratory tests help to determine the presence, extent or absence of disease and monitor the effectiveness of treatment. An estimated 60-70 % of all decisions regarding a patient diagnosis and treatment, hospital admission and discharge are based on laboratory tests results.

Blending the advancements from the diagnostic industry and information technology – we set a new and higher standard in delivering Rapid, Responsive and Reliable lab and diagnostic imaging services. Horizon Hospital has pioneered a State-of-the-art logistical system to provide Diagnostic Laboratory services to Home-bound patients and Outpatients.

For sample collection, labelling, handling, storage, and transportation to the hospital laboratory, strict protocols are adopted by a trained and qualified team of healthcare professionals.

International quality standards are ensured through integrated pathologist/ technical staff teams. Markedly abnormal results are retested free of charge to double-check their accuracy.

Free home sample collection services & special discounts are available for senior citizens.

Quality Assurance Standards

To maintain the highest standards on scientific and international levels, a quality assurance program is in vogue. This program ensures the quality of the tests, integrity of the data and competency of the laboratory. The quality manual emphasizes the following.

we seek to increase the access of Pakistani people to the latest internationally acclaimed diagnostic techniques available today

Education and Training

The Department of Pathology offers an internship program to those who are interested in gaining hands-on experience and knowledge in the field.


Blood Banking:

Blood Centre provides safe blood and transfusion services to patients with blood disorders like thalassemia, haemophilia, leukaemia, bone marrow failure, and patients undergoing bone marrow transplants. NIBD, in collaboration with Horizon Hospital working on bone marrow transplants and handling blood disorders in the region. The blood bank is PBTA accredited and participates in external quality assurance programs like ISO to meet international standards. The blood is screened for all those diseases which may be transmitted through blood like Hepatitis, HIV and Syphilis.

Our centre provides facilities for blood groups and cross match. We provide whole as well as packed RBCs and other blood components.

We take utmost precautions and follow SOPs for Covid-19 so that donors are not at risk of combating the disease.

24/7 Blood Bank Service

Blood Bank Facility is available round the clock. With  modern technology and keeping up with all the safety standards, we deliver Whole Blood and a full range of Blood Products including;

List of Tests we Perform