Obstetrics & Gynaecological Care


Every patient receives special attention, Compassion and respect.


Horizon Gynaecology


Our gynaecologists provide complete female health monitoring for women of all ages.


The most effective strategy to prevent sickness and infection is to get routine gynecologic care.



For every situation and patient, we offer preventive screening methods as well as comprehensive diagnostic examinations.

Our Services

Horizon provides
a comprehensive range of gynecologic and reproductive health treatments to women
of all ages.

Optimal Pregnancy Ultrasound Scans Led by
a Consultant

We offer a complete scanning package in addition to ultrasound scanning at various stages of pregnancy.


Our Package is an ideal screening and pregnancy ultrasound package delivered by a Fetal Medicine consultant specialist.


It includes an early pregnancy scan at 10+ weeks along with the NIPT, a full Anatomy scan at 20 -22 weeks, and a Growth scan at 32-34 weeks to ensure the baby is growing healthily.

Meet Our Specialists

Whatever your concern is, we are here to help!

We provide peace of mind to our patients by providing a high-level service with all women’s health issues through a fast-tracked referral system.